Meizu announces a new strategy in the Egyptian market and the injection of new investments

Meizu, the Chinese company specializing in the production of smartphones and which ranks fifth in the smartphone market in China and is one of the most important brands in the world, has opened 3 new centers to provide customer services. A set of integrated services, the first of which is the display of a range of current and new phones for the company besides providing all after-sales services, technical support and maintenance, in addition, to spare parts for components for all smartphones of the “Meizu” company, in cooperation with KMG, the strategic and exclusive agent in The Egyptian Market.

Karim Ghoneim, Chairman of KMG, said that the focus has been on opening centers in the governorates that include the largest base of smartphone users for “Meizu”, which are the governorates of Cairo and Alexandria in addition to Giza, which is just the beginning, as in the future the number will be doubled Customer service centers to facilitate communication with our customers and meet all their needs, and the opening ceremony was attended by Sameh Fathy, General Manager of KMG, in addition to the participation of a delegation from the international company “Meizu” represented by Daniel, the global sales manager of the company and the hands of the director of the Middle East and Africa region, and the presence of a large number One of the distributors of “Meizu” phones, as the company has succeeded in providing a unique and serious model to provide the latest and highest technology to middle phone users.

Ghoneim stressed that this step comes within the company’s strategy to expand in the Egyptian market for mobile phones and to meet various categories of users, especially young people, as a number of integrated centers will be set up in the local market to allow the Egyptian user to get acquainted closely with “Meizu” phones, which combine a number of advantages. The first is the innovative design of the phones, which combines the beauty of design and ease of use in a great way with the multiplicity of colors, in addition to the capabilities and high specifications of the phones, which allows an exciting performance experience and high efficiency in meeting the requirements of all users in addition to a high-quality level for all the components of the phones from the screen through the multi-core processor and the camera The distinctive battery, which allows the longest possible period of use, as the police succeeded in a short period of time in leaving a clear imprint for them in the global market and building a relationship with their customers with great credibility and confidence in the efficiency of phones.

Regarding the target groups, the company said, it has a wide and varied range of smart mobile phones to meet a wide range of users with different requirements, but we are targeting a lot of young people because they are always looking for excitement and the desire to enjoy their mobile phones. An enjoyable and powerful experience when using more than one application, playing electronic games or having more than one account on each of the social networking applications “Facebook and WhatsApp” on the same device without affecting the performance efficiency and speed of data processing beside the triple touch technology where it is used “Meizu” company, “3D Press” technology, which allows a high level of screen performance as well as a high-specification camera with “HDR” technology, capable of providing a high-definition picture quality that meets the passion of photography enthusiasts using mobile phones.

As for the strong competition in the Egyptian market, Karim pointed out that competition is a positive and necessary thing for development in the interest of the end-user. All after-sales services, confirming our commitment to extending and developing the Egyptian mobile phone market and not just achieving sales growth

Regarding the company’s strategic goals in the future, Karim said that the company plans to develop its market share to about 5% of the Egyptian market for mobile phones during the year 2019, depending on a set of axes, the first of which is the expansion in the implementation of e-marketing campaigns in partnership with the “” company. Where the phones that were on display were implemented within a few hours, and interaction with different segments of society will be intensified to introduce the technical and technical capabilities of the Meizu phones, which are the best option for them, whether at the level of capabilities and technical specifications or the level of competitive prices as well as the majority of the company’s phones It has been updated with the “Android Nougat 7” operating system, where you can download “Flyme 6 OS” for “Meizu” devices.

He explained that “Meizu”, since its inception in 2003 in the year, has been on a date to achieve a new leap of awareness to break into the world of mobile phone production and provide a variety of phones and over the past 15 years the company has invested billions of dollars to develop a variety of smartphones that are based on collection Between modern design and the latest technology, ease of use and competitive cost, it has become one of the most important players and brands in the world in the smartphone market.

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