A partnership agreement with KMG .. British “Ctroniq” offers its digital solutions in Egypt

Ctroniq, a company specialized in the field of consumer electronics, and headquartered in the United Kingdom, signed a strategic partnership agreement with KMG, to provide the second with a group of consumer electronics and digital solutions to be launched in Egypt, including laptops and TV screens. In addition to many technological products.

For his part, Athiq Ahmed, Director of Operations at Ctroniq, affirmed that Egypt is a huge market, with a size of more than 100 million people, and their aspirations and ambitions are increasing in obtaining and benefiting from the latest technology in the world. Therefore, Ctroniq is determined to meet These demands by offering a wide range of reliable and efficient digital products in a way that enhances the real added value of its products, in exchange for money, which helps build and enhance its presence at the local level.

He added, “Ctroniq seeks to be a tool to assist and develop the capabilities of promising young people in the field of information technology in Egypt and unite in their need to achieve products at reasonable prices. We also look forward to creating a suitable environment for ourselves with an immediate focus on the most important players of e-commerce, which is growing with tremendous growth.”.

For his part, Karim Ghoneim, CEO of KMG, said, “We are very excited to unite our efforts with“ Ctroniq ”through this strategic agreement, as we will work as a specialized partner and take advantage of the strong network to provide the latest in mobile computing and smart technology solutions to the Egyptian market.

He added: “Through this partnership, we are looking to achieve a new qualitative leap in the local market for electronic products, and to provide a diverse assortment of these products that are based on combining modern design, the latest technologies, ease of use and competitive cost, as our companies have become one of the most important players in distributing a number of One of the brands in the local market for electronic devices and smartphones, “stressing that” KMG “is continuing its strategy to inject more new financial investments to strengthen its presence in Egypt.

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