KMG introduces the new “Oneplus 7pro” smartphone with artificial intelligence technology in the Egyptian market

KMG, the Egyptian company that specialized in the field of distributing mobile phones and the agent of the global company OnePlus, which specializes in the production of mobile phones, has launched the latest two new versions of its Oneplus 7 Pro smartphone for the first time in the Egyptian market. And which is one of the latest smartphones equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technology at “Oneplus”.

According to Karim Ghoneim, Chairman of KMG, according to the agreement with OnePlus, KMG launched the two new versions of the new 7Pro smartphone as part of its role to develop and develop the smartphone market, as it is among the top 10 phones in the world now; This is to meet the needs of a specific category of smartphone users looking for excellence, efficiency and high quality.

He pointed out that this step comes within the strategy of “KMG” to provide everything new as it bets on the intelligence of the Egyptian consumer in choosing the phone that suits his needs, adding: “Therefore we have done this partnership in order to work on developing the local market for smartphones in line with developments in The global market We also strive to fill a large gap in the mobile phone market, from the category of phones with high specifications at competitive prices.

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