Tonight, Karim Ghoneim is the guest of the “Digital Nation” program with Hassan Othman

Eng. Karim Ghoneim, member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Head of the Digital Economy Division, Chairman of the KMG Board of Directors, will be a guest on the “Digital Nation” program presented by journalist Hassan Othman on Al Hadath channel today at 7 pm on Friday.

The meeting deals with a number of important axes, the most prominent of which is talk about the Chamber of Commerce’s plan to support merchants and assist the state in implementing the digital transformation strategy, electronic payments, the future of electronic commerce and how it can provide job opportunities for young people.

The Digital Nation Program is the first specialized program in Egypt to explain Egypt’s digital strategy and help citizens understand technology to facilitate their lives, and the program focuses on hosting talk officials and news in all technological sectors, presented by journalist Hassan Othman, Friday, 7 pm on the event screen today.

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