Fulfillment Services

Logistics Importation & Clearance

We have a thorough understanding of Egyptian customs, rules and regulations, which allows us to handle the inbound portion for moves effortlessly by:

  • Recommending the best freight forwarder based on historical performance, negotiating prices and conditions to optimize benefit and reduce cost.
  • Ability to arrange and prepare supporting documents required for customs clearance from auditing the clearance, courier & freight invoices.
  • Following up & tracing the shipment starting from the loading process at the factory – .until delivered for warehousing.
  • Making regular updates to Import shipments.
  • Making regular updates by new regulations.
  • Dealing with all governmental entities.
  • The fastest clearance time.

Warehousing & Consolidation

Our warehousing operation plays a huge part in improving, growing your business and increase your ROI, through:

  • Using a warehouse management system to increase the overall efficiency.
  • Consolidate all warehouse locations into a single, centralized facility to manage all the shipments under one roof.
  • Reduce costs and Lower Inventory Levels Required by sharing our owned warehousing with no need to have private warehousing with expensive cost.
  • Improved Customer Service by reducing the turnaround time in deliveries, as well as time for collecting all your shipments.

Legal & Government Relations

We provide our clients with positioning their companies as a trusted partner in Egypt as we:

  • Establishing a new company.
  • Aware of all the legal and government document cycles.
  • Excellent dealing with the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.
  • Strong Communication and relations with government offices for easy execution, to ensure to development, execution of business strategies and advance our client’s goals in Egypt at every level.
  • Guard the company against legal and government risks by ensuring compliance with rules & regulations.

Financial & Audit Service

Auditing services assist companies with constructing compliant financial statements and communicating with the government & tax department Auditing services are most commonly implemented in a company’s finance and accounting departments, as we:

  • Audit in accordance with internationally recognized standards of auditing and statutory audit requirements.
  • Review of Internal Control systems and audit services.
  • Review of accounting systems and accounting routines.

Public Relation Management

Over 30 entities interesting to cover our news in the local market through:

  • Online/Offline newspapers.
  • Radio FM.
  • Live streaming conferences provide.

Marketing Activities

Marketing activities and their benefits are a golden opportunity for launching your products, presenting their features and acting with your potential or actual target auditions directly, effectively and in a focused way.

  • Launching Events.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Roadshows.
  • BTL’S.

Social Media Management & E-commerce

Social media and e-commerce presence is important for the success of any business company. If you want your business to succeed on the web, then you must build a community around your brand. We provide a management solution with:

  • Ability to directly listen and interact with your customers, competitors, and the rest of the world.
  • Build brand awareness, attract online followers, and generate online sales.
  • Respond to user comments, questions, and reviews.
  • Design and post photos and videos to generate even higher engagement rates.
  • Promote posts, like on Facebook, to increase engagement, views, and conversions.
  • Partner with micro-influencers to reach your target audience at a cost-effective rate.

Flexi Desk Service

Nowadays, especially with the continuous Improvements, thanks to the Department of Economic Development and respective authorities, companies and entrepreneurs can establish their business based on this particular Flexi Desk without needing to rent/buy standalone physical offices.

Best Cost-Effective Option, because we provide using shared office facilities, such as a phone line, fax, internet, P.O. Box, meeting rooms, video conference equipment and some other shared facilities.

After-Sales Support Service Center

After-sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction and customer retention. It generates loyal customers who start believing in the brand and get associated with the organization for a longer duration. They speak good about the organization and its products by:

  • Quickly provide information and solutions to the customers via call, web or visit.
  • Give them the necessary support by helping them install, maintain or operate a particular product.
  • Keep track of each customer interaction (communications, issues, actions taken and timing).
  • Monitoring issues encountered by customers and quickly passing feedbacks to the relevant business departments, we can improve the product/service.
  • Manage contract service hours and planned maintenance.