Smart Bands

  • Play PLAYFIT 21 Smart Band – Black

    Achieve all your fitness goals while staying connected to the world with this Play Playfit 21 Smart Fitness Band. It comes with a TFT LCD color display that offers a sharp and bright display. It has 24H heart rate monitoring, alarm clock, stopwatch and timer that adds to its utility. Bluetooth v4.2 along with Android and iOS compatibility makes it a smart pick. Furthermore, it has an IP68 rating that protects it from sweat, splash, and dirt.

  • Play PLAYFIT 53 Smart Band – Majestic Red

    The PlayFit 53 has a touch-based UI and supports both iOS and Android devices. It’s simple in terms of navigation which you expect anyway on these small screens. The home screen of the band has a basic layout where the essentials can be seen. There’s a raise-to-wake feature but it didn’t work well enough for me or it was rather slow to do so. I had to resort to the capacitive button many a time to light it up. Apart from that, you get training modes, alarm, music control, remote camera control, stopwatch and all the basic stuff you usually find in fitness bands.