KMG acquires the Indian agency for “Micromax” phones in Egypt

“KMG” for Import and Export acquired the rights of the Indian brand agency “Micromax” for mobile phones in the Egyptian market.

Karim Ghoneim, head of KMG, said that the contract with the Indian company aims to diversify import sources and search for new manufacturers, especially after China went through a major crisis that led to the suspension of most production lines following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, explaining that Micromax is classified as the largest brand in terms of Sales in New Delhi.

He explained to “Al-Mal” that the new brand is preparing to launch 3 regular phones (feature phone) at prices not exceeding 350 pounds with a one-year warranty and providing all spare parts for its models. It is also planning to contract this week with major commercial chains and e-commerce platforms to market its phones.

He revealed the plan of “Micromax” to establish a representative office in Egypt as a promising market in the Middle East region and an export gateway to Africa after the stability of the situation and the market recovered from the repercussions of the Corona epidemic, with the aim of creating an integrated work environment between the company, its distributors and traders to meet the needs of customers.

He stressed that the company seeks to focus on the quality of products provided to customers at competitive prices while providing after-sales services around the clock, indicating that it works in activities other than phones, including manufacturing e-bikes, pointing out that regular phones represent 35 to 40% of sales Mobile in Egypt.

He pointed out that “KMG” is in the process of dividing the republic into geographical areas and appointing a network of major distributors, including the “Cairo Trade” company for import, provided that a group of mobile dealers in each region fall under this umbrella within its plan to acquire a reasonable market share during its first year.

According to the website of “Micromax”, the company plans to become one of the 5 largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world, and it sells about 2.3 million phones per month in more than 560 provinces through 1,250 million stores.

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