Vivo selects “KMG” as its phone distributor in Egypt

Vivo, the leading global technology company, celebrated the launch of its brand in the Egyptian market by announcing the launch of the S1 and V17 Pro smartphones. , During a huge event during which she showcased her latest innovations and advanced technology. The event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, Nile Plaza, in the presence of Git Zo, President of Vivo Middle East and Africa, David K ​​- CEO of Vivo Egypt, and a number of members of the company’s senior management.

Vivo’s entry into the Egyptian market comes as part of its commitment to launching innovative products and services in the field of smartphones. The Egyptian consumer is the latest addition to the family of Vivo users, which includes more than 300 million active users around the world who enjoy the company’s smartphone technologies. In this context, the company continues its mission to expand in the region, where it is currently present in more than 30 markets including Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya and the Middle East.

Commenting on this, Geet Zou, President of Vivo Middle East, said: “Our launch of the smartphone S1 and V17 Pro in the Egyptian market comes as part of our aspiration to expand our diversified portfolio of products, allowing the Egyptian consumer more options to choose what suits him and enjoy an exceptional experience through what Vivo offers it from smartphones, and also as part of our expansion plan, we aim to expand in more than 50 markets around the world by 2020. Vivo is a real and influential player in the global market and that is why we are proud of our presence in the Egyptian market to meet the needs of the Egyptian consumer. ”

Karim Ghoneim, Chairman of KMG, stressed that the company’s strategy, over the course of its career, relied on a series of successful partnership stories with many international technology companies with the aim of providing the technologies needed by the Egyptian market and working on its continuous development, beginning with training local human cadres specialized in the field Technology, and here came its link with a strategic partnership with the global company Vivo for smartphones through a successful partnership based on cooperation between the two parties.

Vivo added that it was keen to choose KMG because of its great experience in dealing with consumer requirements within the Egyptian market and achieving great success stories with many international brands and its contribution to creating a digital revolution and a qualitative shift in the level of the products it offers.

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