KMG marks 16 years in Egypt

KMG, an Egyptian company specialized in the field of distributing electronic devices and mobile phones, is organizing a set of events and initiatives on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of its launch in the Egyptian market, contributing to the development of the local market and providing the latest technologies to keep pace with global progress in the field of information technology.

This was stated by Karim Ghoneim, Chairman of KMG, who said that the company had succeeded in being one of the most important strategic players in the local computer market, over a period of more than 10 years, as it was able to strongly participate in bringing about a new digital revolution in the Egyptian technology market and supporting the march of Development by providing a platform of innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of users and various business enterprises of advanced technological tools and solutions, in addition to its commitment to providing all after-sales services including maintenance and technical support with the highest quality and efficiency in accordance with international standards.

He said that one of the reasons for the company’s success in its path is the keenness to develop and qualify the company’s human cadres and support innovation and creativity to create a new generation of qualified young people trained on the latest mechanisms of professional customer service, and they are one of the secrets of success over the past years.

He added, as part of this celebration, KMG provides a set of services to its customers, the first of which is launching a campaign of discounts of up to 50% on all spare parts for devices and phones that the company offers through its service centers. KMG also offers price discounts. It has more than 16 different electronic products and smartphones that it distributes in the local market to customers.

He pointed out that the company’s strategy, over the course of its career, was based on a series of successful partnership stories with many international technology companies with the aim of providing the technologies needed by the Egyptian market and working on its continuous development, beginning with training local human cadres specialized in the field of technology, with the commitment of KMG The rehabilitation processes for its local partners to gain the necessary expertise to play a vital role as a technology advisor to their clients and help implement its future vision to develop their business using the provided technological solutions, through providing an appropriate work environment that allows for a very large increase in performance efficiency and productivity level, leading to the introduction of the latest devices and mobile phones where it is keen The company has always been making available advanced technology to the Egyptian user, just like the users in the global market.

Karim explained that the company works to be in constant contact with its customers through its slogan “We are the closest to you, as KMG has a group of new centers to provide customer services” as these centers provide a set of integrated services, the first of which is to offer a variety of computers and phones. The company’s new smartphone besides providing technical support and maintenance, in addition, to spare parts for components for all smartphones, as this step comes within the company’s vision to expand in the Egyptian market for mobile phones and meet the various categories of users, especially the youth, and its keenness to provide integrated services to customers through a large team of qualified people In addition to developing “after-sales” services for customers to include periods after the end of the warranty period, to ensure that customers develop their products.

Regarding the secret of the company’s continued success despite the increasing competition in the local market, Ghoneim said that strong competition in the Egyptian market is a positive and necessary thing for development in the interest of the end-user. We rely on KMG on a special philosophy that combines providing the best-added value for our electronic products, whether phones or devices Computer ”and between the reasonable and highly competitive prices, not to mention the provision of all after-sales services, which confirms our commitment to developing the Egyptian mobile phone market and not just achieving growth in sales.

With regard to the company’s strategic objectives, we aim to grow our market share of the size of the Egyptian market for mobile phones during the year 2020, depending on two axes, the first is to contract with two international companies as an exclusive agent and present their products to the Egyptian market, and the second axis is to expand the implementation of electronic marketing campaigns in partnership with many One of the electronic marketing platforms with which we have previous success stories.

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